USB Mouse Jiggler - Mouse Mover Prevents Screen-Saver, Sleep and Standby Mode, Idle Icons

The AirDrive Mouse Jiggler is a small and discreet USB device preventing the screen-saver from activating and the computer from going to sleep. It works as a USB mouse mover and makes an unnoticeable cursor movement every few minutes. Works out-of-the-box, does not require any software, compatible with all operating systems and USB 3.0.

AirDrive Mouse Jiggler


  • Prevents screen-saver activation and computer going to sleep
  • Prevents user inactivity events, such as log-in screen or Skype idle icon
  • Keeps computer in active state
  • Small and discreet, 0.8" (19 mm) in length
  • No software or drivers required, Windows, Linux, and Mac compatible
  • Compatible with USB 3.0
  • Simulates USB mouse
  • Does not interfere with standard mouse usage
AirDrive Mouse Jiggler
AirDrive Mouse Jiggler

$17.99 / €16.99


Manufacturer product number:

Gross weight (inc. packaging):
0.1kg / 0.1 lbs

Size (inc. connectors):
19mm x 14mm x 6mm


Simple solution

The AirDrive Mouse Jiggler is a simple solution to a bunch of annoying problems: screen-saver going off every few minutes, computer going to sleep or standby mode, and communicator icons turning idle after a period of inactivity. In some cases these annoying features can be disabled by operating system configuration. But if you're working on a system with a corporate or administrator IT policy, your options are limited. A mouse jiggler (sometimes called a mouse mover) is by far the easiest and fastest solution to this problem.

AirDrive Mouse Jiggler - Simple solution
AirDrive Mouse Jiggler - How does this work?

How does this work?

The AirDrive Mouse Jiggler acts as a USB mouse and periodically generates an small cursor movement. This movement is unnoticeable to the human eye, but enough to trick the operating system into thinking the user is active.

Plug and play

The mouse jiggler is a USB Human Interface Device (HID), therefore does not require any drivers or software, and works on any operating system including Windows, Mac OS, and all flavors of Linux. It's compatible with all USB standards, including USB 3.0.

AirDrive Mouse Jiggler - Jigglers in forensic applications

Jigglers in forensic applications

Mouse jigglers play an important role during raids conducted by law enforcement. They keep the seized equipment alive during transportation by preventing password screens and disk encryption software to activate. This allows to immediately examine and secure the captured data.

Mouse and keyboard

The AirDrive Keyboard and Mouse Jiggler is a more sophisticated version of the standard jiggler. It is programmable with a simple push-button and can act as a USB mouse and keyboard simultaneously. It features 6 modes, covering typical jiggler functionality and a few prank modes.

AirDrive Mouse Jiggler - Mouse and keyboard
AirDrive Mouse Jiggler
AirDrive Mouse Jiggler
AirDrive Mouse Jiggler
AirDrive Mouse Jiggler
AirDrive Mouse Jiggler
AirDrive Mouse Jiggler
AirDrive Mouse Jiggler
AirDrive Mouse Jiggler
AirDrive Mouse Jiggler