New retro power supplies series now available in sales

Our new power supply tester series for Commodore C64, C128, Amiga 500/500+/600/1200, Atari XL/XE, and ZX Spectrum +2A/+2B/+3 was created specifically to test ageing PSUs. Diagnosing a power supply failure can prevent expensive repairs or even save your hardware from a total damage. The power supply tester runs an automatic yet thorough test, measuring currents, voltages, and even voltage ripple.

The new AirDrive Keyboard Wizard helps in everyday annoying typing tasks

The AirDrive Keyboard Assistant is a very similar tool to the AirDrive Keyboard Wizard, except focused on shortcuts, scripts and pentesting. It targets a more professional market, than the basic version.

AirDrive Keyboard Assistant - a new concept from Keelog

Tired of typing the same things over and over? Logging in to the same websites, typing the same email a dozen times daily, annoying names or words that you need to type every few minutes? The AirDrive Keyboard Assistant is the perfect solution. Define your most commonly used keystroke sequences, and assign triggers to them. Whenever you type the trigger, the AirDrive Keyboard Wizard will instantly type the sequence for you.

A long due introduction of the Keelog OLED retro power supply series

The Keelog OLED power supply series for C64, C128, Amiga 500, Atari, and ZX Spectrum has never been properly introduced, despite it's in sales since a couple of months. So here comes....introducing our OLED digital C64 PSU, C128 PSU, Amiga PSU, Atari PSU, and ZX Spectrum PSU:

They have the stability and robustness of the previous LED series, and an integrated microcontroller, OLED digital display, and touch sensor. The output voltages and up-time are measured, and displayed live. The up-time is stored in built-in flash memory, so it's a true indicator of how many hours a certain PSU has under it's belt. What does the the touch sensor do? Toggles between screens, or completely disables the OLED display. Judging from the sales figures, the entire OLED digital series has already become a favorite.

Keelog software projects overview

It's been quite a while since we posted stuff. The main reason is that our company has been involved in some challenging software projects, including 3DSM 2.0 for Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH in Germany and CSA/CSAS management systems for 3M Poland Manufacturing. More information here:

New products from our power supply range and keyboard accessories in successive posts.

New wireless serial RS-232 logger and keylogger

Coming up next week - a wireless family of serial loggers and keyloggers. They use a relatively long wave length in the ISM bands 433MHz / 915MHz for transmitting data to a receiver endpoint. Great coverage and range - in open air we got up to 1km with a reasonable baudrate.

More on

New MorphStick Ethernet 2 Serial - unleash the power of Ethernet on an RS-232 logger

The MorphStick Ethernet 2 Serial is now available, after an almost 2-year delay. Why did this take so long? Well, it's a nifty little device, that can do a lot of things. For starters it can record serial RS-232 data just like MS Serial 2 Ethernet, SerialGhost, or AirDrive Serial Logger. But it can also generate a serial data stream using any of it's 2 ports. It can also relay serial data from one port to another, set at two completely different baudrates. And finally, generate RS232 serial data being a mixture of received Ethernet data, and relayed data from the second port. So just documenting all this took us quite a while, with marketing materials to be released in the upcoming month.

C64 FDD Dual - power your C64 and FDD with a single power supply

Our new Commodore dual power supply series for C64 + FDD-II is now available. It comes in gray and black, and has a LED illuminator. Robust, reliable, and protected from overcurrent and over-voltage. Read more here:

New white mouse jiggler - great for Apple Mac systems

Our new white mouse jiggler series is now available. The AirDrive Mouse Jiggler is a small and discreet USB device preventing the screen-saver from activating and the computer from going to sleep. It works as a USB mouse mover and makes an unnoticeable cursor movement every minute. Works out-of-the-box, does not require any software, compatible with all operating systems and USB 3.0.