MorphStick Ethernet 2 Serial - Converts Data from Network and Internet to Serial and RS232

The MorphStick Ethernet 2 Serial is a compact network device, capable of generating serial data from incoming UDP data over Ethernet. The source of the UDP data can be a MorphStick Serial 2 Ethernet, or data generated from a network device or computer.

MorphStick Ethernet 2 Serial


  • Generates serial or RS232 data up to 115200bps
  • Receives data from UDP datagrams over Ethernet
  • USB socket and multi-purpose miniDIN socket
  • Powered over USB
  • Compact and portable design
  • Can be paired with MorphStick Serial 2 Ethernet
  • Highly configurable with simple PC-side application
  • Durable anodized aluminum enclosure
  • USB cable included
MorphStick Ethernet 2 Serial
MorphStick Ethernet 2 Serial

$198.99 / €180.99


Manufacturer product number:

Gross weight (inc. packaging):
0.6kg / 1.3 lbs

Size (inc. connectors):
90mm x 36mm x 26mm


How it works

The MorphStick Ethernet 2 Serial is a powerful, yet simple to use data converter and logger. Connect 5V DC power using the vertical USB-A socket (can be from any computer, using a standard USB cable). Connect Ethernet to the RJ45 socket on the other end. After a simple configuration procedure, the Morphstick will generate asynchronous serial data from data received over Ethernet.

MorphStick Ethernet 2 Serial - How it works
MorphStick Ethernet 2 Serial - Highly configurable

Highly configurable

All MorphStick devices feature a button, which switches them into configuration mode over USB. An free lightweight application is available, which guides through the configuration process. During configuration the basic network communication needs to be configured, such as from where to accept data. It takes just a few minutes to get the basic data transfer running, however the flexibility of the device also allows setting up sophisticated communication schemes.

Serial adapter cables

MorphStick Ethernet 2 Serial features a universal 6-pin mini-DIN connector, which can be used in a few different serial bus configurations. To send data to a single serial receiver, the mini-DIN to DB-9 adapter can be used, which is supplied with each device. To connect into a serial bus with two data transmitters and receivers, a special mini-DIN to DB-9 splitter cable can be supplied. Similarly, DB-25 adapters and male/female converters can be supplied with the device.

MorphStick Ethernet 2 Serial - Serial adapter cables

The bigger picture

Morphsticks are essentially building blocks of bigger communication systems. The data received by MorphStick Ethernet 2 Serial can originate from several sources. One of them can be the MorphStick Serial 2 Ethernet, creating a transfer link over Ethernet for serial devices. Another source can be a host computer, with dedicated software. A sample application is delivered, demonstrating this capability.

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

The PoE version allows to power the device with DC voltages up to 48V over the RJ-45 connector. The device can be powered either over USB or through PoE (or both), extending the flexibility of the application in which the MorphStick is used in. The PoE version fully supports IEEE 802.3af PoE specification, including PoE detection, classification and undervoltage lockout.

MorphStick Ethernet 2 Serial - Power over Ethernet (PoE)
MorphStick Ethernet 2 Serial
MorphStick Ethernet 2 Serial
MorphStick Ethernet 2 Serial
MorphStick Ethernet 2 Serial
MorphStick Ethernet 2 Serial
MorphStick Ethernet 2 Serial